We’re learning together. Both cohorts are fully engaged in our Fall 2021 Racial Equity Training for White Folks

A Collaboration Between Celestial Alegría + the SURJ Denver Education Team

SURJ Denver has raised funds to offer this 10-week Confronting White Supremacy course to 2 cohorts from September to November 2021

Denver SURJ’s Education Team is excited to be learning with both cohorts during this 10-week “Confronting White Supremacy” course. We are building a community of learning and practice. We hope you’ll join us next time, and our plan is to offer another course in the spring.

We’re grateful to be collaborating with Celesté Martinez of Celestial Alegría to develop a 10-week intensive political education and racial equity training for two cohorts of White folks in our community. This virtual program will allow our community to come together to do the deep work we need to do to recognize how colonization and racism work together to perpetuate white supremacy. Each week, participants receive content that allows us to identify where white supremacy shows up within ourselves and others, and gain tools to disrupt and confront it. These weekly sessions are delivered and facilitated by Denver SURJ’s Education Team.

We continue to raise funds during the course to contribute to Celestial Alegría’s Reparations Network. From the community raised funds, Celestial Alegría pays $500 of reparations to 10 Black leaders, artists, organizers, healers and organizations each week as both cohorts move through the 10-week training program. Each Friday reparations recipients are uplifted on the Celestial Alegría social media!

Thank you to those who have joined us to further the crucial work of confronting and dismantling white supremacy, supporting Black and Latinx consultants in this work, and helping all of us to lay the stones of the foundation for a racially just world. If you couldn’t attend this fall, please consider donating to this collaboration, and stay tuned for more education efforts in spring 2022. Thank you!

1. Donate through Denver SURJ’s fiscal sponsor El Centro Humantario’s page (please add a note “For Denver SURJ Ed Fundraiser” — this donation is tax deductible)
Their Colorado Gives page
Their PayPal

2. Donate to @surjdenver on Venmo (please add a note “For Denver SURJ Ed Fundraiser”). NOTE: any funds donated via Venmo will be transferred to El Centro monthly. While this method is easier, because it does not go through El Centro, it is not tax deductible, and you will not receive a donation letter or receipt from El Centro.

3. No matter what, please share this information widely with your network. Thank you!

4. Follow Celestial Alegría on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram

Thanks to all of you who have already donated! We appreciate the support. And we look forward to meeting all of you who will join us on this journey.

 – Amanda, Kate, Julia, Mylene, Jamie, Liz and Leanne